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VO-Paris Euro3D Client is an open-source Virtual Observatory tool which allows to deal with datasets in the Euro3D FITS format.

This tool interacts with CDS Aladin and ESA VOspec to display position of the fibers (or slit) on the sky and display individual extracted spectra. Catalogue of positions of fibers (or slit pixels) can be exported into the VOTable format. Individual spectra can be extracted from the Euro3D FITS file and exported as VOTable serialization of the IVOA Spectrum Data Model 1.0. Click here to launch the Java WebStart version of the tool, or here to start it as an applet.

All interaction between application is done via PLASTIC.

Presently VO-Paris Euro3D Client is used as an integrated data visualising software at ASPID-SR - Science-Ready Data Archive at the Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Click here to get sources of the VO Paris Euro3D Client. You will Java 1.5 or higher and Apache Ant to build it. You will also need additional packages: CDS Savot, PLASTIC and Java FITS package (nom.tam.fits developed by Tom McGlynn, NASA).